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Pan-Hellenic Carvings

Α Φ Α Paddles
(Catalog #: PC001)

Our unique Alpha Phi Alpha wall paddles were handcrafted in Sierra Leone, West Africa out of rare tropical wood belonging to the Mahogany family (scientific name " Entandrophragma spp ") referred to by Mende' speaking people as "Njalay". Each paddle is unique not only by craftsmanship but shade, grain, and density depending on the portion of the tree that the wood came from.

The addition of this paddle to your African collection will not only set your home or office apart, but make a conscious statement of supporting those who crafted it.


Height: 22"-24"
Width: Body 7½"- 8"
Depth: 1½" - 1¾"
Weight: 4-5 lbs
Price $75