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Pan-Hellenic Carvings

Our Pan-Hellenic Greek wall carvings offers a change from the mass produced pieces flooding the market. My African Collection (MAC) designed, manufactured, and imported these pieces to offer something different to the collector in you. The African Mahogany wood used in making these art pieces adds the extra value and long lasting appeal. When you buy one of these pieces, you not only set apart your home and office wall, but make a statement with your dollar of making a difference by supporting those who made it. For the summer 2017, we have added hand made Vases from St. Louis, Missouri to showcase the African American presence in the representation of all things Africa.

Large Wall Carvings

We offer rare art not commonly found on the US market. Our collection of Large Wall Carvings brings the creativity, craftsmanship, and culture of Sierra Leone to your home or office. Each piece tells its own story and depicts some daily activity within the culture that brings the custom, tradition, and people out. The detail in each piece speaks for itself but the cost, we can humbly say makes these pieces the deal of a lifetime.

Standing Statues

Our standing statues were all imported from Sierra Leone and made throughout the Manor River Union (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea). They are carved out of various species of wood belonging to the African Mahogany and Walnut family of trees unique to the rain forest in the region and appreciated worldwide. A few of the pieces were carved out of Cotton Tree which is the national tree of Sierra Leone. Beyond the craftsmanship, the quality of wood will definitely make any of these pieces a future 'hand down' to your next generation.